Size: Open - 4" Height - 16" Rental $3.25 each / $117.00 purchase price per case 12 pieces per case




This item is available for purchase. If a vase is purchasable, it is available for pick up or delivery to our delivery area only. To set up a purchase please call us at, 512-733-7673. Unfortunately, we cannot ship rentals or purchases out of our delivery area.

4" x 16" Cylinder




Birchwood and Orchid Underwater Centerpiece Bundle

Price: $25.00
What's included: 12" Round Mirror (qty : 1), Floating Tealight Candle Holder (qty : 3), Clear Votive Candle Holder (qty : 3), 4" X 20" Cylinder (qty : 1), 4" X 16" Cylinder (qty : 1), 4" X 12" Cylinder (qty : 1)
Description: Votives included in bundle are clear or colored glass. Mercury votives are available for $2 more per bundle. Please note: Our online shopping cart only allows one bundle per order to be reserved. Multiple bundles are available. If you would like to reserve more than one bundle, please contact us and we will be able to accommodate. Delivery and set up available at an additional charge.